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I'm proud to endorse Zildjian cymbals and gongs. I’ve been playing them since I started and they’ve been part of my sound on every recording and live gig. Every instrument is unique and all my favourite drummers (and probably a lot of yours) play ’em too.

Check out this cool accessory perfect for the theatre pit drummer with a limited number of hands

Here's a great playlist of advice for maintaining and tuning your drums.

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Instrument retailers

One of my favourite online stores. They're really helpful, fast and good value. Nice website too!

I've been buying my stuff from Foote’s since my first 2nd hand snare drum when I was a schoolboy in 1976 (believe it or not). Back then they were in Golden Square. They've now got a cool new store… in Store Street (where else) and Rob or any of the guys will give you their best attention

Support our local retailer! Quick and handy for sheet music, various accessories, and a good online mail order service too.

Website for this drum shop in south London. Good for second-hand buying and selling.

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Other organisations

You're a musician? Joining the MU is a no-brainer. They've been with me every step of my career and I value their advice today as much as when I first started.

Home for the ongoing international campaign to secure fair rights for performers when people listen to their music on the internet.

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Teaching sites

Maybe you found me through them? Let me return the favour…

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