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Online lessons
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Drum lessons tailored to your level…

…whether you’re a full-time pro,  a weekend warrior, an advanced student, or just a little way into your journey*

“I've been having lessons with Rick for over a year now & have experienced some very noticeable changes in my playing.
He is obviously a very experienced teacher & his passion for music leaves me full of inspiration at the end of each lesson. This also has me practicing like crazy in anticipation for the next one.” [more testimonials]

*please note I am unable to accept beginner students at the present time

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Alongside my professional performance career, I’ve been teaching drums & percussion for over 30 years and have taught hundreds of students in that time – many of them are now professionals in their own right.
My students have played with bands like Van Morrison and The Style Council, they’ve played West End Musicals…they’ve done recordingsTV, radio, films… and they’ve toured the world.

They’ve also become doctors and teachers, run their own businesses, and become great parents.
They’ve been to music college in the UK and the USA. And they’ve carried their love of drums and music with them.
For some of them the journey started as young as 6… others began in adulthood.
Together we’ve enjoyed our shared passion for learning and discovering…

If you would like to know more about lessons, prices and availability,
please call me on 07831 376175 or email me

Lessons take place in my purpose-built studio in East Barnet, North London.
It's very easy to get here by car, bike or public transport.

Full public liability insured and DBS certified [certificate number 001490979203]

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You're already gigging, recording, touring.

You've got some serious stuff going down, you feel good about it, and you're in demand. But you're aware there are some gaps in your knowledge…

With your hard work, I can help you take your playing to the highest level…

• Maybe your reading's not quite up to speed (…or just non-existent).

• You play kick-ass rock but you know nothing about jazz.

• There's a nagging feeling that you could get a whole lot more serious about this instrument… you know what you ought to be working on but you need some direction.

• You've realised that getting some percussion chops together is going to expand your sound palette, add something to your band sound, and increase your work opportunities.

• You're just hungry for more drums, more percussion, more music, more knowledge, more technique…

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​You’ve made some real progress as a drummer & musician…

Maybe you’ve got some good high exam grades, you play in a band. 
Perhaps you're thinking about further education: music college, conservatoire…​
I can help you take your playing and your musicianship to the next level.

• Your friends think you’re amazing but you have higher goals.

• When there are other drummers on the same gig they blow you away.

• You’ve worked hard to get to where you’re at but you find it hard to be disciplined when practising

• You’ve seen some great video and books but you can't seem to use any of that in your own playing.

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You've always wanted to know what it feels like to sit behind a drum kit. You like listening to music and there's something about drums which is irresistible. You can’t stop tapping on tables and knees.

Maybe you‘ve been playing drums for a little while, but you‘re not making as much progress you‘d like…

• Come for lessons, play on real drums, and learn some real skills.

• Take away notes and ideas from every lesson which inspire and challenge you.

• Find out a bit about other percussion: congas, tambourine, samba drums, bells and shakers.

• Get your own thing… your love of drums and music belongs to you and no-one can take that away from you.

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Sorry to say I am no longer taking beginners for lessons – you need to have been playing for at least a year to apply.

…two kits in the studio so we can both play…

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